Q: How to access the game?
A: You can access our game at:
Q: Team member DMed me and asked for some stuff. Is it legit?
A: No, we will never DM you. If someone DMs you pretending to be a team member, know that it's a scam and report them in our Twitter, Telegram groups.
Q: My game got stuck while logging in. What to do?
A: Please remember that our game is still in testing release and it might have some bugs. If you get gets stuck, let the team know what was the exact reason and try to refresh the website.
Q:How to buy RCH ?
A: If you already have USDT in MetaMask, you can directly exchange the USDT into RCH in PancakeSwap.
Q:Can I play the game without a meta wallet?
A: In the FunZone you are able to play the games without a meta wallet, but if you need to exchange your FZC into RCH, you still need to get one.
Q:Can I play the game by Mobile Phone?
A: Will be get on line soon.
Q:I need help.
A: If you're having difficulty, please join our Discord server and post in the #new-player-help channel and our community will be happy to help!
Last modified 10mo ago