• Dec. 2021: Economic System
We created a Rich Metaverse which not just subverted the traditional game mode but built a world based on entertaining and cost-free background. We introduced the NFT mechanism into MyRichFarm and established the NFT market where players could exchange their in-game assets into legal currency in the real world. We set up an economic pattern that player could manage their farms by consuming RCH. RCH is a pivotal role in MyRichFarm world and connects itself closely with the game platform.
  • Jan. - Feb. 2022 Farm. Keywords: Startup、ICO、LP LOCK, Security Audit, KYC、Marketplace、 Farm Renting
MyRichFarm was officially launched on Jan. 20th.2022. We issued the first batch of NFT farms, optimized the marketplace, and updated the function of farm leasing, which players could "play to earn" with 0 investment. RCH is the only token in RICH Metaverse, and farming is the main path to earn RCH. Earlier birds get paid. It is worth noting that we locked LP, finished Security Audit and KYC. Such methods imply that we are confident to develop our project according to our plan.
  • Mar. - Apr. 2022: SociaFi. Keywords: Yield Farming、Drone、NFT Avatar、Fun Zone-Slot、Fun Zone-Draw
We know it's a boring job to do the daily routine farm. In this phase, there will be a new function called Farm Drone (with certain RCH as tips) by helping players to save their time on managing farms. Meanwhile, the release of yield farming will make RCH market more explorative and support Fun Zone in the long term. What's the Fun Zone? Well, a place where you can make a great fortune overnight, and RCH is USD in Fun Zone!
  • May - Jul. 2022: SociaFi. Keywords: Mobile Version、Fun Zone-More Mini Games、Access External Games (Launcher)
How about bringing Metaverse along with you sounds like? It is the base of social features to allow players to enter Rich Metaverse by their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. That's why we develop the mobile version. In this phase, players can control their avatars to interact with others. Fun Zone will have more fun gameplay and we plan to provide a game launcher for more play-to-earn games.
  • Aug. - Oct. 2022: SociaFi 2.0. keywords:Complete Mobile Metaverse、Fun Zone Club、
    Chatting & Gifting & Rewarding、More NFT Assets、RICH Hall of Fame
When players can use any device to access RICH Metaverse, the social features will be fully loaded in this phase. You can dress your avatar with more NFT ornaments--clothes, vehicles, houses, etc. The Club has variety of interesting scenes: rewarding influencers, gifting others, and promoting yourself to get more fans. There will be "RICH Hall of Fame" section to reward those players with the most fans.
  • Nov. 2022 - 2023: SociaFi 2.0. keywords:3D Avatar interaction、More Social Features、RICH TOWN、Sell own NFT(Metafarmers in RICH Hall of Fame)
Players who named in "RICH Hall of Fame" of each period can be involved in designing and selling their unique NFT(s) on our market to get their share. The open-world sandbox gameplay will be our developing direction of RICH Metaverse.
  • 2023: Farm-Based Industrial Towns
In this phase, our team will build a new town with industry-themed NFT on the former farm game base. We will set a governance pattern based on liquid democracy and DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization). Besides, there will be more games and more regular events with rich rewards.
  • 2024: Simulation World
Based on agriculture and industry, MyRichFarm will simulate the development history of human civilization and build a 1:1 initial simulation world. The concept of business cycle will be introduced as same as the real world. In that way, the players would be able to establish and develop an economic relationship with other gamers.
  • 2025: Exploring Version
We will keep trying to link the blockchain to the real world and offer RICH virtual world more possibilities.
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