Motivation and Long-Term Vision

MyRichFarm, My Meta Life

—We aim to embody decentralization as an ideal of infinite imagination and abundant life.
Numbers of GameFi projects have been absorbed in characteristics’ income, which causes them to lose sight of the sociality issue in Metaverse. What we are doing here is to gamify decentralized finance and socialize decentralized games—in other words, a SociaFi Metaverse.
In the future version of MyRichFarm, players could control their own 3D avatar to interact with others. They can build families with someone you love, go to clubs with your mates, mine for tokens and make friends all around the world. Players can not only applaud for others' the beautiful NFT decorations but also display their own NFTs and personal value on the stage. The player who has the largest group of fans could have substantial rewards. And meanwhile, he/she is qualified to participate in the designing and presell of new NFTs. We sincerely wish that MyRichFarm could be your wealth paradise, where you can own your abundant life.
To make a long story short, MyRichFarm is a project that brings together three emerging elements —crypto, gaming and sociality. The intersection of these industries makes a perfect combination of MyRichFarm. It offers individuals an immersive way to become a part of the game. Regardless of the innovation or progress of the game, at the end of the day, the core value would focus on players anyway. That is our creed and the future.
Welcome to our Rich Metaverse...