The official Store uses the smarts contract to control farm quantity and price. The farm represents the limited digital real estate in MyRichFarm. The limitation of 150,000 farms makes each of them the unique NFT under the smart contracts. The farm ownership is equivalent to the ownership of virtual assets in MyRichFarm. Players can buy their farms at a fixed price in the form of loot boxes. The different combination of crops and components on the farm gives the attribute to each NFT--the scarcity and uniqueness, so the farms can be traded at different prices in the marketplace.

Community driven marketplace

The NFT assets need the following information to be displayed for sale:
1. ID and category: The assets for sale are required to have their ID and category to be better identified and found by their potential buyers easily.
2. Farm Details: The ceiling of daily income base and details of component ownership.
3. Display image: The marketplace will display the image of the asset appearance. The system will create farm thumbnails for sellers.
4. Price: The farm owner will have full control over the RCH price of his/her assets in the marketplace.
5. Value: Rarity, scarcity and attributes are defined by the system.
Once all these requirements are met, the assets will be successfully displayed on the marketplace and available for purchase.