Avatar NFTs

Players need to have Avatar NFTs as the ticket for Fun Zone (players would be free to access in FunZone at the beginning for cool experience). Avatar NFTs are released in blind boxes, which are available in Store. Players could also obtain avatars by trading in the Marketplace (the third-party market would be a proper choice).
The original UI in Fun Zone will be replaced by a 3D interface where players can move their Avatar NFTs and interact with others. The betting gameplays in Fun Zone are designed as 3D “equipment” and players could use them when they find the game they prefer.
More Avatar NFTs details:
1. Two gender options: female or male.
2. Each avatar includes 4 parts: skin colors, head, face and suits.
a. Skin Colors: 4 options for each gender (dark, light, Asian, Latin).
b. Head: 35 types for each gender (hats, hairstyles, headgear)
c. Face: 20 properties for each gender (facial features, glasses, face decor, mask).
d. Suits: 4 series for each gender and each series has 5 different styles.
3. There is no rarity difference between original avatars, only for display.
4. Players can also own multiple avatars at the same time, and there is no extra fee for switching the avatars.
5. 56,000 avatars for each sex would be launched in the 2nd version and there might be more coming up depends on the market feedback.

What's avatar for?

1. You can change your profile with the NFT avatar(s) you own.
2. The farm information page will show your/others' NFT avatar when you check the sold plots on the map.
3. You can use NFT to participate in a series of activities in Fun Zone.
4. You may have the opportunity to be on the list of RICH Hall of Fame.