Yield Farming
The liquidity of RCH in DEXs(Decentralized Exchange)is supported by players adding their Liquidity-Provider (LP) into the smart contract of Yield Farming. Each contract has its unique farming strategy by different DeFi protocols and provides high annualized returns.
How RCH are farmed?
1. Through PancakeSwap, players can stake RCH-BUSD LP(BEP20) or other LP to the Yield Farming smart contract of MyRichFarm to obtain RCH.
2. Players will receive the corresponding RCH reward according to their portions in the pool. Every block (Bk) in the chain will yield.
3. RCH in the pool can be withdrawn anytime.
4. There will be more DeFi protocols and specific farms for yield farming.
5. The returns will from Fund contract 0x4949522833CE09C1a689845aE09245B1184B6645
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