Ecosystem to Grow

MyRichFarm hopes to make RCH available for individuals and corporations to increase its liquidity and availability with the main purpose to collaborate with the community growth and ecosystem flow. We plan to retain RCH’s value by some methods including a controllable supply mechanism. With the increasing number of creators, players, and assets exchanged by communities in the market, the demand for RCH in the ecosystem may grow, so the total RCH supply is fixed. The initial quantity of RCH supplied will have a scarcity effect that reduces per capita RCH, thus promoting demand.
Ecosystem to Grow
"DeFi+GameFi+SociaFi" is MyRichFarm's economic pattern to meet players' diverse demands.
RCH, the in-game token, can only be produced by NFT farms and the raising and leveling up need to consume RCH. Part of RCH that developers obtain from NFT farm sales revenue will be put into the social ecosystem (Fun Zone) as play-to-earn rewards. The rest part will be used in various events and used as staking shares for players.
Players need to have NFT to enter Fun Zone and exchange RCH for FZC (Fun Zone Coin), the passport in Fun Zone. Players can socialize and play mini games with their 3D avatar. The earned FZC in Fun Zone is available to be exchanged back into RCH.
NFTs (farms or avatars) are all tradable in Marketplace. by paying some fees, the RCH can be withdrawn and part of the commission will be used for but not limited to community building, team and game development. Part of it will be thrown into the burning pool; when the RCH in the pool accumulates to a certain number, they will be burned.
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